10 Easy Things You Can Do To Cut Down On Plastics

10 Easy Things You Can Do To Cut Down On Plastics

It’s time to be kinder to the planet people!

We all know that plastic is bad, but cutting down our usage can seem next to impossible when we’re surrounded by it. For everyone who wants to make a stand and take the next steps to cutting down on their plastic usage; we’ve got just the list for you.


Most restaurants and bars have now adapted to not using plastic straws to help cut down our plastic consumption.

If you’re not a fan of paper straws going soggy, metal straws are the perfect long-lasting answer to ditching plastic. Not only are they reusable, durable, and long-lasting, but they’re super easy to clean and carry around in your bag with you.


Unfortunately, supermarkets are a plastic paradise - with all of the big chains using unnecessary plastic to help keep their food fresh. While there’s nothing we can do about that for now, we can certainly try and do our bit to help. If you’re buying loose fruit and vegetables you don’t need to put it in the plastic bags provided in the store, you can just put it in your own reusable (or tote) bags instead.


When you’re grabbing lunch on the go you’ll most likely grab the free cutlery without thinking about it, which then ends up being thrown away instantly after your meal. Most people have spare metal cutlery at home, so if you’re planning on grabbing lunch simply take some cutlery to work in your bag. Once you’ve finished, wrap it in a napkin, put back in your bag, and wash it once you get home. Easy.


This is one of the easiest things you can do to stop using unnecessary plastics.

There are so many great high-quality insulated bottles on the market, ready to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot all day long.

They are far better than plastic bottles which will have your ice cold drink at room temperature within 20 minutes. Most uni campuses will have water fountains, and public water stations are appearing all over the country - with many places such as Pret having refillable water bottle stations - so you have no excuse to be buying plastic water bottles anymore.


We all know a reusable bottle is great if you want to drink water - but what if you want a sugary drink?

If you're eyeing up a Coca-Cola, it does seem hard to avoid buying plastic. However, buying cans when possible is the best alternative, as they can be recycled. And if we’re being completely honest, we’d say a Diet Coke tastes far better from a can anyway.


If you can’t survive without your morning coffee, join the club. It’s commonly known that most takeaway coffee cups can’t be recycled due to the plastic lining as well as the plastic lids. Get yourself a reusable coffee cup and you’ll help eliminate the demand.

Most coffee shops offer some sort of incentive for bringing in your own cup (often money off), which is great if you’re a regular. You’ll definitely be grateful for some savings, and you’ll be saving the environment.


The 5p charge on plastic bags was introduced to cut down on the amount of unnecessary plastic we use and waste. However, even bags for life are made of plastic and while they are reusable, are still not easy to recycle when they’re eventually worn down and need replacing. Instead, get yourself some sturdy tote bags, or even bring your backpack to pack away your shopping and eliminate the need for plastic bags of any kind.


Your local health stores may have the option for you to buy large quantities of foods such as pasta (the student essential), rice, lentils, etc in bulk and this will not only cut down your plastic consumption but can also help you to save some money.


While most people food prep or make their lunch in reusable plastic containers, this is still plastic. Step away from the reusable plastic tupperware and get yourself some metal food containers. This will not only keep your food fresh and hot/cold all day but is also one further step in eliminating unnecessary plastic, yay.

We hope you’re inspired to make some changes to your plastic usage. If you want to try out these ideas you can grab 15% student discount at Klean Kanteen to stock up on reusable and environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic.

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