15 Discontinued Food Products You Absolutely Loved But May Have Forgotten

15 Discontinued Food Products You Absolutely Loved But May Have Forgotten

Ever wondered about what happened to all your fave foods from when you were younger? If you need a reminder of some of the weird and wonderful British snacks that used to exist then look no further.


This was a superior lunchbox snack. Penguin shaped biscuits complete with a creamy milk and white chocolate dip; you knew you were definitely one of the coolest in your class if your mum had put one of these in your bag.


Galaxy Truffle was objectively the best chocolate in the Celebrations tin, so when it was discontinued back in 2011 it was a national outrage (and rightly so). Of course, when the Celebrations came out at Christmas you’d have to fight off everyone else to get one before they all went as for some reason, there were only a rare few per tin and instead an overly large amount of Mars and Milky Bar, which, let’s face it; no one wants.


For white chocolate fans, you’re probably still mourning the loss of the Dream bar. Deliciously smooth and creamy, it was the white chocolate version of Dairy Milk and definitely a favourite in the Heroes tin. But it’s not all bad news, as although the Dream is forever gone (RIP) Cadbury have just launched a brand new white chocolate range “Cadbury White” featuring a chocolate bar and giant chocolate buttons. Not quite the same but we’ll take it.


It’s official that the UK clearly hates white chocolate. The Snow Flake was the better version of the Flake, once you open the wrapper it looked no different to a regular Flake; but once you bite into the seemingly milk chocolate you’d discover the silky smooth flaked white chocolate inside. Honestly, why it was discontinued we’ll never know.


This one sounds absolutely gross, but in the early 2000s this was absolutely normal and no one batted an eyelid. The EZ Squirt range featured green, purple, blue, pink, teal, and orange ketchup in squeezy bottles which despite the colouring, tasted exactly the same as regular ketchup. In all honesty, it’s not surprising this didn’t stick around for too long as whatever they were adding to make it blue can’t have been good for anyone. The squeezy bottles, however, are something we can get behind being brought back.


Another product that sounds gross but was actually pretty great. For a brief time back in 2004, Monster Munch strayed away from their standard savoury Pickled Onion, Flamin’ Hot, and Roast Beef flavours and ditched the regular salty recipe for sugar instead. Let’s just say it had a very acquired taste.


At the peak of their careers, Girls Aloud blessed us with a sponsorship deal for the KitKat Senses bar. It was basically a Kinder Bueno in different packaging, but that didn’t make them any less delicious. Thankfully Nestlé relaunched the KitKat senses last year with new flavours, smaller sizes and a whole new design, although it’s not really the same thing.


Obviously, Pringles haven’t gone anywhere (and we will riot if they do), but Mini Pringles were an invention that made packed lunches so much more fun. Featuring a scaled-down version of our fave crisps in a little tray it was basically a portion-controlled snack ideal for lunchboxes. If you feel like you’re missing out, you can just head to Tesco and eat a whole tube of the regular ones now that you’re too old for your mum to stop you from doing it.


A combination of two things we love; Pringles and chocolate. Gone way too soon Snaps were a Pringle shaped chocolate crisp that came in flavours such as classic milk chocolate, mint, orange, and Hazlenut and were always brought out at Christmas and family get-togethers. They sell a knock-off version in Aldi but without the creaminess of Cadbury’s chocolate, they don’t really compare.


Cartoonies were little biscuits filled with milk chocolate and printed with a cute cartoon design. They were super popular in the 90s and one of the greatest snacks you could feast upon. There’s even a “Bring Back Cartoonies” Facebook page with nearly 2000 likes, so you know they were popular.


More white chocolate crime, the McVitie’s White Chocolate Digestives were a limited edition snack that should’ve been made permanent. If we can still get milk and dark chocolate Digestives, white chocolate ones should have a firm place on the shelves because who is buying the dark chocolate ones???


Okay, so Mingles weren’t the best chocolate selection box; but they were still pretty great. The selection of Minty chocolates always made an appearance at Christmas and it was one of the rare chocolate selection boxes where there wasn’t a chocolate that everyone hated and always left at the bottom.


This was the original Freddo Caramel bar, and yes it did used to cost just 10p. As horrifying as the current prices of Freddos are now, the Taz Bar came in packaging with The Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes on and honestly they were the better version of the Freddo.


A fancier version to the regular Mars bar which was sadly taken away from us. The Mars delight had a creamy chocolate and caramel centre paired with wafer and covered in smooth milk chocolate. Mars Delight was discontinued in 2004 with absolutely no warning and we’re not over it.


The Milkybar Choo was an upgraded version of the regular Milkybar with a chewy fudge centre. The combination of the smooth white chocolate combined with the chewiness inside made it so addicting, and way better than any other fudgey chocolate you could buy.

The nostalgia overload has left us feeling a bit sad but mainly very hungry, so let’s hope at least one of these will make a reappearance to our shelves one day.

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