The Most Annoying Hair Problems + How To Fix Them 🙆

The Most Annoying Hair Problems + How To Fix Them 🙆

Winter is coming and therefore my hair is scared. 

The colder months can prove to be a bit taxing on our locks, but here are some of the most annoying hair problems and most importantly how to fix 'em.


You need some texturising spray. Have you ever felt thick and coarse hair? It doesn't feel like your daydream silky soft locks, I can tell you that for free. However, the price of having silky soft hair is that sometimes it can look a bit limp and lifeless. You can use dry shampoo or a texturising spray to add a bit of grittiness to your hair, so it holds shape more.


Get it cut. Seriously, there is no magical remedy to split ends apart from cutting them off. Get your hair trimmed every 8-12 weeks to ensure that damage from split ends is minimal. You can buy as many magical split end fixing products, but we promise you... You're wasting you're money. They can soften the appearance and make them seem like maybe the hair shaft is no loner split, but the ONLY way to get rid of them and stop them travelling up towards the root of the hair is to get a trim.


Frizzy hair is really common in the colder months, so you need to get prepared. Use a leave in conditioner or serum specifically targeting frizz. Try to avoid using your hairdryer unless you want to poof up. If you must dry your hair using heat then make sure your hair is 90% dry and use heat protection spray and serum to make sure your hair doesn't get the frizz.


Did you know you can use a dryer sheet to tame fly aways caused by static? Well, you can. Plus, your hair will smell amazing. For any other frizz issues make sure you're always using conditioner and keep em on lock down with some hairspray. Keep a small bottle in your bag so you can top up throughout the day. If you're caught without some hairspray you can also use a small amount of your hand lotion or lip balm (AND  MEAN SMALL) to give your hair a quick fix.



Ok, we've all been there. We've gotten ahead of ourselves and a bit scissor happy when trimming our bangs or, you know, completely revamping our style during a slight breakdown. I feel ya. If you're trying to grow out a fringe disaster then check out these cute hairstyles to keep you going until it has fully grown out. Don't be tricked by any hair growth serums. 

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