The Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist ☑

The Ultimate Christmas Countdown Checklist ☑

Are you prepped for Christmas? Nah, neither are we.

Here's everything we reckon you should consider before heading off for Xmas.


This is an important one. What are you going to wear on the big day? Seriously, nobody cares about style really, you're probably with loved ones who don't care if you're looking sparkly or in a bin bag. The real reason it's important to plan your outfit is:

  1. What are you gonna eat?
  2. How much are you gonna scarf?
  3. Do you need them stretchy pants or are you gonna be ok?

Top Tip: Wear the stretchy pants.


If you're not already sorted with your presents, then seriously why the eff are you reading this? Go get some. If you need some ideas head to the Christmas section and check out some of our gift guides, but seriously HURRY. Here are some great ones for under £15. Sorted.

If you've got your gifts sorted then make sure you've got them all wrapped and ready right now. People will be searching for them and they will find them. Wrap 'em quick to make sure no snoopers be snoopin'. 


Seriously, once you've got all the presents sorted. CHECK YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN SOMEONE. It's possibly the most awkward thing that could happen at Christmas, but you know that Aunty Mags is probably gonna cry when she realises you didn't buy her any lavender bar soap this year.

Top Tip: Don't make it weird for Aunty Mags.


Do you have enough booze to make it through the festive period? The answer is probably no. Stock up on your favourites and make a batch of eggnog while you're at it because it's the only time of year you can get away with eating and drinking as much sugary and boozy rubbish as possible, so you may as well take advantage.

If eggnog isn't your deal, we've got some delish boozy hot choc recipes for you too. So, get on it. 


Ok, so we've been over the booze, but the food is pretty important too. Are you in charge of the brussel sprouts this year? Or maybe the turkey? Either way, make sure you plan in advance with food because the supermarkets are wiped clean pretty quickly with avid Christmas shoppers wanting to grab their dinner as early as possible. Get in there quick for the best stuff.

If you want to get some hella good student discounts check out our Christmas collection for some seriously sweet deals for under your Christmas tree 🎄🎁

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