Lenovo Yoga Book: A Compact Gadget Waaay Ahead Of Its Time

Lenovo Yoga Book: A Compact Gadget Waaay Ahead Of Its Time

You can type on it, play on it, turn physical drawings into digital, the Lenovo Yoga Book is a nifty little gadget that is small yet impressive. 

I'm currently sat here in a relaxing coffee shop drinking a flat white and eating a hearty slice of carrot cake. It's not an unusual sight, I do enjoy a good coffee shop to focus on work (plus you know cake). However,  there is one thing that's very different about this particular day.

I'm pretty much a cool af space robot writing from the future πŸ€–

Ok, so maybe not.  But instead if hauling my usual giant, ridiculously heavy laptop around,  I'm using this nifty little Yoga book.


The first thing you'll notice about the Lenovo Yoga Book is that it is so lightweight and unbelievably thin. You can pretty much chuck this thing in any of your bags and not even notice it's there. Seriously, this little gadget has a spacious 10.1 inch FHD IPS touchscreen, yet only weighs a slight 690g and measures a teeny 9.6mm.

Once opening the tablet/laptop hybrid you might be alarmed. "They've forgotten to put a keyboard on this." I hear you cry. But no. One touch of the power illuminates the Halo keyboard. I personally have never been a fan of touch pad keyboards, until I experienced how smooth and easy it is to use on the Yoga Book. Not to mention the fact it is a visually stunning aspect of the overall design. 

It may be tricky getting used to this at first, but I found the combination of using the Halo keyboard as well as the touchscreen very smooth. 

IT IS (pretty much) MAGIC

Now, if I could draw this function would be my favorite. However, using it to write handwritten notes was equally as magical of an experience, trust me. 

The Yoga Book comes with a pad of paper and a RealPen. The notebook clips onto the magnetic holder which in turn sits on the keyboard. You can then draw or write notes using the pen and paper that is then digitalised. If you've ever wanted to feel like you're at Hogwarts then this is as close as it gets. 

This function is perfect if you prefer taking handwritten notes in lectures and typing them up later. You get the best of both for half the time.


The watchband aspect means you can transform this laptop into an easy to use tablet or use the keyboard as a stand to watch YouTube videos on. The flexibility of this design means this gadget is perfect to use for... Well, pretty much anything. 

Plus, the sturdy feel to the watchband makes the whole device feel much more durable and I don't feel worried about it breaking in spite of its thinness.


We reckon this nifty little laptop/tablet is the perfect lecture pal. It's great for note taking and watching TV on when you're procrastinating that essay. 

If you want to pick up a new laptop then we've got up to 20% student discount on selected products at Lenovo β€“ you’re welcome! 

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