6 Natural Beauty Hacks for the Thrifty Girl

6 Natural Beauty Hacks for the Thrifty Girl

Stop with the harsh chemicals, get rid of those nasty aerosols, and switch over to a greener way of life with these natural beauty hacks for anyone on a budget.


Make your own lip scrub using sugar and a little bit of honey or coconut oil to make it stick together. Pucker up and scrub on to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells on your lips, leaving you with a perfectly smooth pout for applying lipstick.


Out of shaving foam? Use coconut oil instead! It’ll save you some pretty pennies while also giving you a closer shave and beautiful moisturised pins. Goodbye, yeti life, hello smooth legs – touch them seriously, feel how smooth they are.


Face masks are the best for soothing stressed out skin, but you don’t need to spend lots of money at the spa to get one. Check out these natural face masks that you can make yourself at home!


No time to shower and all out of dry shampoo? Crack out the talc. Talcum powder can soak up any oil in your hair and pretty much everyone has a tub of it in their cupboard for some reason.


Spritz some lemon juice on your hair before laying out in the sun to brighten your hair and refresh your style. Be careful with this one though as it can dry your hair out, so make sure you have plenty of conditioner at the ready.


Use a witch hazel stick after hair removal to keep those itchy bumps at bay. Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic, so it helps reduce inflammation in the skin.

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