Summer Nail Art Ideas That You Can Actually Paint Yourself 💅🏾

Summer Nail Art Ideas That You Can Actually Paint Yourself 💅🏾

Nail art has a special place in our hearts, and our love for it is especially at convenient when you just need an excuse to lounge on the couch for a few more hours (“I’m busy painting my nails!”) or you cbf cooking and you want to order in (“I just painted my nails, I can’t wreck them!”).

We’ve trawled Instagram for the most glorious summer nail art ideas out there, and have put together the prettiest but easiest designs for you to DIY. We're that nice. 


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This American candy shaped design stole our hearts the minute we laid our eyes on it. Customise the text to read whatever you want. All you need is a fine brush and some wit about yo.


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Pastels, palms and flamingos, it’s definitely summer, baby! This cute AF design looks harder than it is. Got a shaky hand? No wukkas. It’s all hidden in the palm leaves 🌴


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So, you can’t decide on a colour? Well, you don’t have to. While the artist, @petitepeinture has gone for dreamy seafoam shades that will constantly remind you of how much you need a holiday, you can go for whatever you hold dear to yo heart. Say, the scheme of your football team, or your fave cocktail. 


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This tutti frutti design looks as prickly to get as the pineapples and succulents in it, but guess what, it’s all just blobs and lines, so the wonkier, the better – and I’m sure Jamie Oliver would agree. 


Feel like a challenge? Up your nail art game with these old school cartoon characters. It’s just like the badges, pins and emoji jewellery that’s all the rage RN, but better! Remember to use loads of top coat to max the number of people who'll be able to see and praise your artistic efforts.


If you’re well on your way to catching them on, then you should able to brag about it. What’s more of a conversation starter than your most prize Pokémon on yo nails? And when your nails are dry, you can get crafting these adorable creatures to accompany you on your walks. How far off the ‘Jogger’ medal are yo? 


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