Follow These Celeb Trainers for Mega Gains

Follow These Celeb Trainers for Mega Gains

Gains ain’t going to happen overnight, especially if you’re not doing the right exercises, or worse – not doing them correctly.

Follow these celebrity trainers on Instagram to get you in the mood to move, lift and not want to binge on Pringles. 


Cool girls Suki Waterhouse and Ellie Goulding are regulars to Russell Bateman’s uber exclusive workout classes, called Skinny Bitch Collective. The invite-only sessions are all about animalistic cardio and strength building exercises, including lots of wrestling and crawling on the floor.


Tracy Anderson is somewhat a legend in the fitness world. Famous for her dance and weight based training has reeled in hard to please clients including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Richie, so you know it must be good!


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London-based Svana Sigbertsdottir’s unique workout formula is a combo of cardio and resistance training. Inspired by Icelandic athletes, it’s a method she uses with megababe clients Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse to maintain their hot as hell bods. 


Game of Thrones stars Kit Harrington and Gwendoline Christie are just a couple of Dalton Wong’s A-list clients. He also whipped Jennifer Lawrence into shapes so she could kick maje ass as Mystique in X-Men. We come here for a cheeky celeb perve fest. His YouTube channel is also top notch 👌


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Mark Garlick trains Millie Mackintosh and some of her ‘Chelsea’ pals. We heart these creative mix-ups of traditional gym exercises makes it our go-to account when gym time gets a bit snore. 


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