Lifesaving Apps to Make Adulting Easier

Lifesaving Apps to Make Adulting Easier

Between uni, work, balancing a social life, trying to find time to call Mum, you’re juggling a hell of a lot at any given time.

We bet you often wish that there was something that could help you adult easier. Well, your wish is our command. Take a look at these smartphone apps that will help you get across everything going on in your life. Genius, right?


So you’ve pulled an all-nighter but you need to bring your A-game to a super important lecture, because of course, it’ll be in the exam. And to make matters worse, it’s not being recorded for you and no amount of coffee seems to be helping… uh oh! Soundnote (iOS) lets you type, draw and record audio within the one handy program so you can review your notes when your brain isn’t as fried. YAS! 


Have an problem with disconnecting when you’re on deadline? Make your digital detox happen with Freedom. Designed to curb your Insta and Snap usage (and your consumption of other Internet things), this app blocks you from using specific websites and apps on your computer and iOS devices during set times – incredibly useful because it doesn’t make how much you wish for it, that essay won’t write itself! 


There’s no denying that pizza brings everyone together. Especially Domino’s Pizza. Use their app on iOS and Android when you’re hankering for a bite during a group assignment pow-wow or when you’ve got your pals over for a Stranger Things night. Don’t forget to use our 35% student discount when you spend £25 at Domino's Pizza. 


Cbf lugging a diary around? We feel ya. My Study Life (Android) helps you see your enter in your homework and assignment due dates so you can see it quickly and easily. 


House sharing can be tricky business. Especially when it comes to bills and shared expenses like toilet paper and dishwashing liquid. Splittr (iOS) is nifty little app that puts a stop to arguments about who owes what by doing the maths for you. Happy wife housemates, happy life.


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