These Kitsch & Cute Homewares Are 100% Made For You

These Kitsch & Cute Homewares Are 100% Made For You

Just like your completely-on-your-page housemates, it’s important that your belongings speak your language. 

You want to make your digs feel like a home and not some weird and strange dungeon that you’ll never feel comfortable in.

Here are five fabs finds so you can put your own stamp on your new pad, all of which you can save on with your Student Beans discounts.


This tea towel says it all. It belongs in your kitchen, because cooking and clubbing is uni life in a nutshell. But if you don’t want to use it, it’ll look just as nice hanging on your wall.


If you decide not to be greedy and keep this little guy to your bedroom, this pug vase is a homeware that everyone will adore. I’m even going to go as far as to say it’s a home essential. Can you imagine, you’ll name it 'Boris' or something equally as dope(y), and you won’t be able to recall life before him. 



The unfortunate reality about uni houses and share houses in general (sorry, it doesn’t get better after you graduate) is that rented homes aren’t the most looked after and they will require some TLC when you move in. This candle will remove all trace of ‘boy smell’ or any other offensive smells that are ponging up your room. It’s been tried and tested.


Uni life is fun, loud and involves a lot of socialising. This door hanger is great way to keep your FOMO to a minimum, so everyone knows you need some shhhh time, especially if you're feeling particularly fragile from last night’s bender. 


This retro-style speaker is the cutest thing around. It’s got serious lunchbox vibes with its adorbz handle – you open it up the plastic case and plug your smartphone. It’s completely portable so it's always ready for the beach, park, or any indoor or outdoor party.

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