Study Tips: How to Keep Your Cool When Stress Builds Up

Study Tips: How to Keep Your Cool When Stress Builds Up

You’ve had the whole summer off and suddenly it’s back to uni, and you’re like, “Hello assignments, essays, presentations, and tests. TAKE ME BACK TO SUMMER BREAK! ARRGHH!”

While we wish we could, unfortunately you’ll have to wait for a genie to grant you three wishes before that can happen.

In the meantime, here are the study hacks to help you stay cool, calm and collected to smash whatever university throws at you. 


I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s much easier to be chill about your impending assignments when you’re organised. There’s no point in taking lecture notes if your room looks like an avalanche of papers and you can never find them anyway. The solution? Get organised and make sure everything has its own spot.


Do not study on your bed, your housemate will end up finding you asleep with crumpled notes in your hand, drooling all over your teddy bear and taking photos of you. Instead, set yourself up at your desk (it helps if you have a pretty setup), go to the library or head to your local cafe. Have a pair of headphones on hand, and pop on a classical or ambient soundtrack, which is supposed to boost concentration levels. 


Everyone absorbs and stores information differently, so figure out what works for you. If you’re audio learner, then record lectures and play them while you’re on the go. Visual learners see if illustrated notes do the trick. We love these pretty notes.


If you’re running behind on assignment or haven’t even begun to study, don’t freak out. Set yourself a to-do list or a study plan. Break down everything that needs get done into micro-tasks with time estimations for each, so you can see yourself making progress, and reassess your plans if you need to. 


Yes, you may be bribing yourself, but it totally works. And hey, a browse on Topshop is a worthy reward – especially when you get a 10% student discount. While we have a load of fantastic recipes, like these 20-minute meals, sometimes you deserve a treat. We’ve got food and drink discounts at Papa Johns, KFC, Tortilla, and Busaba Eathai, and more, if if that's not what you fancy, perhaps these sweet sticky notes will do.


It’s more productive to work in time blocks, rather than epic sessions, so set yourself a study plan, take time out to rest your eyes and brain, and refuel. Have a power nap, go for a run, meet a friend for coffee, or do something you find therapeutic like paint your nails. 

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