Quick And Easy Money Saving Tips Every Student Should Know💰

Quick And Easy Money Saving Tips Every Student Should Know💰

Check out our quick and easy money saving tips to make the most out of your money at uni.


You’re gonna want to head home at some point to visit your family and friends for the weekend! Make sure you grab a 16-25 railcard to save ⅓ off your fare, because trains can be ridiculously expensive (like really… stupidly expensive) and that money could be used for more important things like pizza and pints.


Banks can try to lure students in with promises of free things, but don’t be fooled. You want to get the best deal on your finances, so look around and explore your options. You can switch banks pretty easily. Make sure you are able to get a good enough size overdraft and that it’s interest free. 


If you’re heading out on the town make sure you bring cash. LEAVE YOUR CARD AT HOME. Seriously, you don’t wanna wake up at the wrong end of your overdraft with a vague memory of buying everyone in Spoons a couple of Jägerbombs. By limiting yourself to a certain amount of cash for a night out you’ll be less likely to get stupid drunk and also won’t spend all your money in one go.


Let’s face it. You’re gonna be eating a lot of pasta. You can save soooooo so so much money by buying a huge bag of pasta instead of the small ones. Seriously, if you have the cupboard space go BIG. Check the small print on price labels in your supermarket to see how much per KG it costs and you’ll probably be shocked by how extortionate the prices for small things are.

Also if you're going to get a takeaway (because we know sometimes it's hard to resist) make sure you check for deals. We've always got our 35% student discount at Domino's which is always a blessing.


Yeah, we’re pretty good with this one. Download our app and you can save money every time you shop at your favourite stores. We’ve got loads of student discounts - seriously. The app is super easy to use and gets you student discounts across hundreds of stores online and instore. Seriously, you’ll love it.

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