How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions✨

How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions✨


We've all been there.

"This year I'm gonna lose 10lbs, this year I'm gonna go to the gym, this year I'm gonna eat healthier, this year I'm gonna stop watching netflix all day and do some work" blablabla

But apparently only about

Here's how to try and maintain your New Year's resolutions for as long as possible:


Slow and steady wins the race. You only have a limited amount of willpower and changing too much all in one go will pretty much just end up overwhelming you. That's one of the reasons people give up their resolutions so quickly - they take on way too much in one go. 

Try taking little steps towards your goal. If you want to get fitter, then try working out a few times a week instead of just jumping into a 6 day a week gym routine. Take on as much as you feel you can and work your way up. 


Similar to the little steps, it's easy enough to say "I'm going to lose 15lbs" but will you actually do it? Well, I'm sure you can, but it's much easier to achieve targets by setting multiple goals. 

Every time you achieve one of your smaller goals working to your main goal you'll feel a sense of success and even more motivated to keep at it.


If you want to stop biting your nails then think about how great you'd feel if you got a manicure and your nails looked all pretty and nice. Or if you're trying to get fitter and you can't be bothered with the gym then think about how much better you feel if you do go or how happy with yourself you'd be. If you want to quit smoking, but have a craving, think about how much healthier and better your body will be if you don't.

Being positive is much more motivating than being negative.


Everyone needs someone to rely on sometimes and when it comes to resolutions and sticking to them, having a friend in the same boat can make a great difference. When you're not feeling like sticking at it, your friend can help boost your spirits and keep you at it and vice versa. It's great to pick someone you're a little competitive with anyway to add a challenge aspect to the whole thing.


Take a look back on how you've done so far. If it's good then congrats, you can carry on going - why would you stop?! If it's not going so great you can pick up on patterns and learn how to manage your behaviour better to keep going!


Always celebrate your successes and don't be down about the not so successful parts too. 

New Year's resolution to get fitter? Let us help you out:

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