Things All Students Should Do Before Going Home For Xmas 🚂

Things All Students Should Do Before Going Home For Xmas 🚂

Term is nearly over. It's nearly time to put up your tinsel and drive home for Christmas (well, maybe train or bus home let's be real).

Here are some of the things you should do before you leave uni for the hols to make life a helluva lot easier.


Train tickets can already be steep, but around Christmas time when they know you're all gonna be heading home and NEED tickets? Even worse. 

Do yourself a huge favour and book your train tickets ahead of time. Getting an advanced fare can save you so much money. Plus, get yourself a 16-25 Railcard too, so you can save 1/3 off your journeys every time you travel.🚂


Yeah, packing is the worst thing in the world, I know. But packing early enough will save you a lot of hassle and frantic worrying on the day. You know you're going to miss your train if you're busy searching for that one book you need to revise for Jan exams. 

Save yourself the panic and pack as early as possible. Obviously you're going to need to leave out essentials, but make a list so you won't forget things. Nobody wants to get home and realise their laptop charger is half way across the country. 


You know that coming back to a messy room is going to be rubbish. Make sure all your plates and kitchen stuff are thoroughly washed and put away - especially if you're in halls because they WILL get chucked. 



January exams are a particularly stressful time of the year at uni, so make sure you pack in lots of time with your mates before the xmas hols, so you don't miss 'em too much when you get back.


Make sure you think of any questions you might need answering over the break. They'll probably be available via email, but also not so readily available as they usually are - nobody wants to be disturbed during their time off, so try get a meeting in with your tutor before you head home to discuss anything important.

And then... Enjoy your time off. ðŸ™Œ

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