Instalook: Katy Perry's New 'Do + How To Care For Bleached Hair

Instalook: Katy Perry's New 'Do + How To Care For Bleached Hair

Katy Perry has officially gone BLONDE and we're obsessed.

It's definitely time to get the bleach out and lighten those locks, but make sure you're careful with bleached hair as it can be a little bit tricky to take care of and maintain moisture.

New life who dis

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Here are a few tips and tricks on how to care for bleached hair!


You shouldn’t be washing your hair too often anyway as it strips the natural oils that keep your hair in good condition, but it is absolutely vital that bleached hair is as moisturised as possible. So, try only washing your hair every three days.


Get yourself a really good deep moisturising mask to help lock in some moisture to those frazzled locks. We love this Argan oil hair mask for some serious moisture. Plus, it smells luxurious.


And when you do use heat, make sure you’re using heat protection spray!! Seriously, your hair is probably already feeling a bit fried, you don’t want to fry it any further.


You’ll definitely need to invest in some hair oil to keep those ends looking healthy. There are plenty of fantastic oils out there to revamp your locks, but the smell of this one is genuinely heaven. 


This is good advice for any type of hair. Always make sure you brush the ends of your hair first then work your way up to the roots. You don’t want to be attempting to drag through those knots with no prep, so make sure you use this brushing technique to avoid hair loss and damage. Using a detangler is also a good plan.

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