Simple Ways To Relax And Get Your Zen On 😌

Simple Ways To Relax And Get Your Zen On 😌


I'm sure you've been told to do this plenty of times already this year. With January exams. deadlines and coursework, we're often told we just need to take it easy and relax. BUT HOW?! With all these looming stresses it can be pretty difficult to take a breather. 


Make yourself a calming playlist with music that will mellow you out and keep the worries at bay. Music can help calm your mind and ease stress + once you've got your playlist down you can simply press play, close your eyes and unwind. 

If music isn't your thing, reading a good book can help take your mind off most worries.


Exercise can make you feel much better by releasing endorphins that will most definitely lighten any mood. You might not feel like exercising, but you'll feel much better after that run or weight lifting sesh we swear. So, get up and get active.

We already raved about why you should take up yoga, so check that out too if you want some more exercise that will leave you feeling super chill. ðŸ˜Œ


Download an app like Headspace to ease you in. Headspace helps makes meditation simple. It takes just ten minutes out of your day to teach you how to be more mindful and can help relieve stress and maintain a healthy mind. 


Using relaxing massage oils can help relieve tension in the body and help you sleep easier. Scents can play a powerful part in making you feel relaxed. The Body Shop has a pretty great range of massage oils, so take your pick. (Plus, we've got a 25% student discount off 'em too, so help yourself)


Yeah, I mean it won't be particularly relaxing doing it - although some people do find organising very therapeutic, but a clean room helps clear the mind. If you're hanging around in a cluttered room you're more likely to feel a bit cluttered in your head too. So, clean it up and keep it so.

And if all else fails. Take a nap. ðŸ˜´

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