Apps That You Should Definitely Download Right Now📱

Apps That You Should Definitely Download Right Now📱

Seriously, right now.

If you're looking for a way to escape from your troubles then apps can be a great way of wasting time and procrastinating your day away. We all need a break every now and then, and apps are a seriously good at roping us in.

Here are some of the apps you should definitely have on your phone.


This seemingly simple point-and-click adventure game is the perfect way to take a break from your studies whilst keeping your mind engaged. 

You're this cute little guy with a robot gf who (spoiler alert) blows up at the start of the game. Each level you need to find a different part of the robot gf and if you're good at being thorough you can pick up some collectables too that tell a cute love story. 

It's cute, it's fun and it can actually be challenging at times. Great if you want a break from studying, but not for veg time.


Forgive the cheeky plug, but our app should 100% be on your phone right now.

With our app you can get hundreds of student discounts online and instore instantly. Yeah, it's that simple. You've got a digital student card in there and all the discounts you need to save money every time you shop. Sorted.

Yeah - we gotchu.


Ok, ok, ok - hear me out. I may still be one of the only people in the entire world still playing Pokemon Go, but I'll defend this to the end. 

Firstly, it's way less buggy now. Secondly, it makes me walk way more than I would do. Seriously, I've walked 38km with a Pikachu to get the candies to evolve him. 38km I may well not have walked if I didn't have this app.

Exercise + Pokemon = Pure Happiness. 

And if these don't work out for ya, maybe it's time to take a proper break 

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