The Best Easter Getaways For Less ✈

The Best Easter Getaways For Less ✈

Eff chocolate eggs and bunnies, this year Easter is definitely all about using those bank holidays in the best way possible - a proper holiday.

Seeing as we know you might be a bit tight on budget we've got you guys up to 30% off Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express & Crowne Plaza, so you don't have to splash the cash to find yourself somewhere nice to stay! 😉


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Beer, waffles and chocolate. Need I go on? Belgium is a great quick escape - you can even take the eurostar, so it's super easy too. If you're looking for a getaway full of great food and drink then Brussels is definitely one to consider.


Athens is the perfect destination for those who seek fun all day every day. You can always find something to do whether it's grabbing a coffee, going for a cocktail or chilling in the sun. It's got places to sunbathe and historic cultural buildings to explore too.


Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals and culture. You can hire a bike and go cycle around this wonderful city, maybe stop off at one of the many cafes, restaurants and bars along the way!


Barcelona is one of the world's best culture hubs. It's packed full of creatives, delicious food and fantastic architectural masterpieces that will definitely pack a punch when it comes to lining up those holiday 'grams. 📷


Vienna is rich in both culture and music with a lively mix of cool jazzy cafés, art galleries, eclectic shops and street markets. If you're into architecture then Vienna will be most pleasing to you. Name an architectural style and they'll have it. Make sure you have space on your phone for pics.

So, go on. Book yourself a trip somewhere nice. Plus, grab up to 30% off Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express & Crowne Plaza. Sorted.

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