5 Things You Should Definitely Give Up For Lent (Life)

5 Things You Should Definitely Give Up For Lent (Life)

Ok, so lent has already started, but now is the perfect time to give up these unhealthy habits... and hopefully for good.


I bite my nails, so I am not going to judge you, however do you know how disgusting this habit is? There are so many germs all over your hands and you're just putting those unwashed hands into your mouth? Ew. 

You're more likely to catch a cold or other illnesses by putting your germy hands in your mouth, so maybe give this one a go. You can buy horrible tasting nail polishes to stop yourself from wanting to bite or try one of these other useful tips.


Seriously, what do you gain from this? Absolutely nothing. Yeah you saw a photo of him with that girl Emily who he seemed weirdly close with when you were together and you always got a kind of weird vibe from her... but seriously, it literally does not matter. It's over. Move on.

Block them, clear your social media feeds of anything ex related and take a breatherrrrr. You'll thank yourself in a few days.


giphy (84).gif

Lol ok. No. I mean really, yeah you should, but it's not gonna happen and I don't know why I even added this in here.


giphy (81).gif

Or gals. Whatever your preference.

Now is the perfect time to do a clear out of your phone. Think of it as a spring clean. Anyone who is disrespectful, occasionally messaging you to "send nudes" or just anyone who doesn't really make you feel happy - you can do without 'em in your life. Delete. Bye Felicia. 


Need I even explain this one? If you're *that* friend who always gets too drunk, maybe consider cutting down. It's not fun for anyone to carry a pukey drunk home, so give ya friends a break and enjoy yourself responsibly.

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