How To Meal Prep For Beginners 🍴

How To Meal Prep For Beginners 🍴

Here’s everything you need to know to prep easy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every week. 

Meal prepping can help you stay on track for a healthy diet and can help save you money. Win-win. Check out our tips on how to meal prep for beginners.


First things first, you're gonna need to get yourself some containers. There's not much point in making a load of food for the week if you've got nowhere to put it, ey? Makes sense. 

Grab yourself some containers that are BPA free and preferably ones that are washable and reusable.


Yeah, this whole process is quite full on plan wise. It's best to plan exactly what meals you're going to make for the week BEFORE you go to the supermarket to pick up your bits. This will save time when you're shopping, cut down on costs and food waste.

If you know exactly what you're cooking you're less likely to stray into the cheese aisle and buy 13 packets of babybels. 

Check out these meal prep ideas for some recipes and ingredients.


You will get bored of chicken, rice and veg. You will. So, mix things up a bit by alternating your proteins and what types of veg you're using. Also you can whack loads of different spices or sauces to help mix things up a little bit. 


In two ways, you'll need to set aside some time like on a Sunday eve to prep your meals for the week. But also, ease yourself into it. It's going to be difficult to maintain a new healthy habit if you decide to prep every single meal for a week in one go. Maybe just try a few lunches and a few breakfasts to begin with and then as you get better at it try adding the amount you're making.

Picking a day is the first step! We’re defo down for meal prep Sunday.


If you know you cook loads of one meal and you can feel that you're going to get bored of it before the end of the week, whack some of the meals in the freezer. This way you can take them out again when you're ready. Otherwise, you'll end up growing tired too quickly of the meal and sneaking out to McDonald's or something for a Big Mac. 

Those are our tips on how to get started with meal prepping. Hopefully they'll help you out a bit and get your fitness on track.

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