Alton Towers: The Big 6 🎒

Alton Towers: The Big 6 🎒

Get ready for a challenge!

Not only can students get tickets for as little as Β£20, but Alton Towers Resort are also challenging Theme Park visitors to tackle their thrilling Big Six rollercoasters, all in one day. The Big 6 Challenge presents visitors with the daunting challenge of taking on Alton Towers Resort’s record-breaking Big Six rollercoasters, all in one day.

If you are successful in completing the challenge, you will be be rewarded with the exclusive opportunity to come back for another adrenaline-fueled day,– on selected weekdays between 6th and 30th September – with free entry to the Theme Park. To complete the challenge, just download the official Alton Towers Resort mobile app (free), which also provides live queue times and exclusive offers throughout your visit.


Traverse the twisting tracks of The Smiler at sensational speeds of 85km per hour. It's the world's first 14-loop rollercoaster, it'll get your head in a spin!


Venture deep into the dark woods to experience the world's first freefall rollercoaster. You'll be dipping and diving in every direction, leading into the ancient crypt to face the horror that lies within.


Oblivion will put your fears to the test as you face the world's first vertical drop rollercoaster. The wind will rush through your hair as you cling on through the 180ft drop, hold on tight!


Climb on board the classic Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort, Europe's first inverted rollercoaster. You'll journey through the rocks and rivers of the Forbidden Valley with extraordinary speeds and spins.


Head on a journey out of this world with Galactica, the universe's first rollercoaster fully dedicated to Virtual Reality. Utilising the latest technology, it's an unforgettable experience.


If speed is your thing, then Rita is for you! From 0 to 100km per hour in 2.8 seconds, you'll have to hold on tight to escape the Dark Forest, navigating twists and turns at a lightning pace.

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