Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Right Now 😌

Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Right Now 😌

I mean, not like right now, you might be in a lecture or like eating some cheerios or something.


Here are the reasons why you should most definitely start doing yoga right now (whenever you have the time).


Yoga is a great stress reliever. A big part of yoga is the based around breathing exercises, the pranayama, which help you feel good. It's all about being conscious and aware of your breathing, which is a way of meditating, so this aspect of yoga + the fact you're doing exercise which helps those little endorphins flow will leave you feeling pretty damn good.


It's not quite like lifting weights at the gym, but as far as bodyweight exercises go, yoga engages pretty much all of them. Plus, your body will become overall better functioning while it improves in strength as well as balance and breathing.


The word β€œyoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to join together. This is the main purpose of yoga - to unite body, mind and spirit. Getting in tune with your own body and the way everything feels and works makes it much easier to assess what your weak points are and improve on them. Helping you once again, feel good and get a better functioning bod.


Sitting at a desk for large parts of your day whether you're in lectures, in the library or sat at home doing work (looking for memes) it can really reek havoc on your back. Yoga improves posture helping alleviate any aches and pains. Plus once you're more in tune with your body you'll start standing and sitting in more healthy ways for your back, preventing pain in the long run.

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