How To Stay Fit At Uni 💪

How To Stay Fit At Uni 💪

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Name: Elliot Burton

Insta: @elliotbfit

University: Nottingham

Degree: Management Studies

Favourite way to exercise: Weights

3 things you couldn't live without: My laptop, my phone and food

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Name: Meggan Grubb

Insta: @meggangrubb

University: BIMM London

Degree: Creative Musicianship Vocals

Favourite way to exercise: Weight Lifting

3 things you couldn't live without: My puppy, jaffa cakes and my mum

How did you manage your fitness goals whilst staying on top of workload/ uni stress?

EB - I just loved going to the gym, so I would always make time for it even if I had a lot on. I saw it as my escape from the usual routine, especially during the stressful exam period.

MG - I think I used fitness as a stress relief more than anything. So when I needed a break from work and uni stress I would go to the gym, put my earphones in and have my hour of me time. I feel that really helped me to clear my mind.

What are your top 3 tips for fitness beginners?

MG - I think the most important thing is consistency, once the gym becomes a part of your routine, going will feel like second nature. The more you stick at it and work out what form of training you enjoy most, whether it be weight lifting, crossfit, HIIT training, cardio etc, whatever works best for you focus on that!

EB - Yeah, it’s really important to do your research. Consistency is key as well as making sure you have a solid base of nutrition. You need to make sure you’re fueling your body for your workouts.

Who are your favourite influencers on social media that motivate you?

EB - Three of my favourites to follow on Instagram are @Lubomba, @saonelson and @stevecook - I find their mindsets really motivating.

MG - I would say the people that motivate me fitness wise on social media are people like Karina Elle and Fit Girl Mel, they are amazing and can do some incredible things! I also love influencers like Zoella and Patricia Bright too, they are seriously inspiring women.

What does a cheat day look like for you?

MG - I don't tend to have ‘cheat days’ as such, I prefer to cheat when I feel like it. Usually I will have a little cheat most days, whether it’s a jaffa cake (or 3 haha) or a double chocolate cookie. I think it’s good to have that balance throughout the week rather than a big pig out on one day.

EB - Lots of sweets, chocolate, cookies – I’m more of a snack hauler than a big meal kinda guy!

What was your favourite part of being at uni?

EB - Meeting new people, making loads of awesome friends and the freedom of the lifestyle. Gaining independence is really important and I think uni is the best time to just throw yourself into it.

MG - Probably the fact I became completely independent and was constantly pushed out of my comfort zone (I didn’t love it so much at the time) but I think it really shaped me into the person I am. Along with being able to live in a place I’d never lived before, coming from a small town in Wales to London was a big step, but definitely the right one!

How do you overcome "the fear" when it comes to fitness? (eg. getting judged in the gym/ not lifting heavy enough/ making mistakes)

EB - At first, I went with friends who were more experienced than me. They really helped me with form and helped me gain confidence quickly.

MG - I think it just comes with time and experience, I still feel a little worried and cautious sometimes when I’m in the gym now 4 years on. But at the end of the day we all make mistakes and people usually aren't paying attention to you anyway, even when we think they are. At least they shouldn't be if they're really in the zone!

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Students Get 10% Off Microsoft Surface 💻

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