The Ultimate Guide To Veganism On A Student Budget 🌱💸

The Ultimate Guide To Veganism On A Student Budget 🌱💸

If you’re considering the transition to veganism it can not only seem kind of overwhelming but also prettyyyyy impossible on a student budget. Against popular belief you don’t have to live off avocado toast every day (as nice as it is) to be vegan, so check out these handy tips to help you save some money on your weekly shop. ✌️


That £4 vegan curry might look tempting, but in reality you could make that yourself for half the price and double the portion size. Stock up on basic items that you were probably eating anyway like pasta, rice, and baked beans as well as things like lentils, chickpeas, and plenty of fruit and vegetables and have a Google for recipes that can be cooked in bulk.


We all love a bargain so you’d be surprised to know that many own brand items which are not only cheaper than well-known brands are also accidentally vegan, while the branded versions aren’t. Make sure you double check labels-but basic 40p garlic bread and bourbon biscuits? Nearly always vegan. 🙌


Veganism can seem restrictive, so you might feel like you have to spend loads of money buying expensive products and ingredients to attempt to increase your protein levels. Myprotein offer a fab range of vegan products which are affordable and will help to boost your protein intake and energy levels throughout the day without breaking the bank.


Don’t overthink your meals and try and fill them with expensive ingredients that you see influencers all over Insta doing. Stick to basic meals like a sandwich or wrap for lunch and veggie pasta for dinner. Always make sure you’re getting the correct nutritional balance, but don’t throw in fancy looking ingredients that will cost half your student loan, instead focus on making sure you’re getting enough protein and fibre to keep your energy levels up through the day.

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