Self Care Tips For Students

Self Care Tips For Students

Uni can be a stressful time. With deadlines, assignments, exams and social situations, studies show 1 in 4 students suffer from mental health issues during their time at uni.

It’s really important to make sure you’re not only looking after your body at uni, but also your mind.

If you’re having any issues with your mental health then make sure you talk to a healthcare professional and those around you who you trust. Check out our self care tips for students.


Sometimes you just don’t wanna go out. Sometimes you need a night in by yourself to relax and reset without copious amounts of booze and painful dancing feet. Who can blame ya? No one. Say no, stay home, don’t feel pressured to go out just because everyone else is.


It doesn’t have to be good, it could just be sitting down with a colouring in book. Taking your mind and eyes away from screens can help feel more relaxed and less pressured, if you don’t have time in the day make sure to switch off your phone at least an hour before bed so you’re not distracted by social media and your eyes aren’t being told HEY it’s still daytime let’s stay up and watch 10 more eps of The Office US.


We spoke to the awesome Gymshark athlete Meggan Grubb about how to stay fit at uni and she mentioned how she uses “fitness as a stress relief more than anything.”

When I needed a break from work and uni stress I would go to the gym, put my earphones in and have my hour of me time. I feel that really helped me to clear my mind.

Several studies show that exercise can help people to improve their depression - lifting their mood, reducing anxiety and improving self-esteem.


Chatting with a friend or family member in person or on the phone about whatever is on your mind or something that’s stressing you out can help take a load off. Venting is GOOD. If you don’t have someone to listen to you at the time try writing your thoughts down in a diary, this can be a good way of letting things go and getting it out of you.


We recommend downloading an app like Headspace that makes meditating easier to get into. Meditating for even just ten minutes a day can have a great impact on your overall mood and you deserve to give yourself that love and attention.

If you’re struggling make sure you ask for help. Click here for mental health helplines that can help you out if you need.

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