The Ultimate Guide To THORPE PARK'S Best Roller Coasters 🎢

The Ultimate Guide To THORPE PARK'S Best Roller Coasters 🎢

Theme park season is officially here, and if you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping THORPE PARK Resort is the place you should be headed to. If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker, naturally you’re going to want to visit every ride you can that will have you screaming, so whether you’re a season-pro or it’s your first visit here are our top roller coasters to check out on your visit.


Saw: The Ride might spare you from experiencing the goriness of the Saw franchise but it doesn’t make it any less horrifying. This is a ride that not only combines a vertical drop from 100ft but also follows the theme of the franchise, so it’s a must-visit for any Saw fans.


If you’ve watched The Inbetweeners you’ll know all about this one. One of THORPE PARK’S older rides, Nemesis Inferno is themed around a tropical exploding volcano, and you really feel the heat with the vertical loops and drops making it one of the park’s best loved roller coasters.


Conveniently located by the entrance of the park Tidal Wave is a great way to start your visit, however, be warned you’ll end up with wet clothes for most of the day. Sending you plunging into the water, if rides aren’t your thing but you still want to experience the thrill, passers by can stand in the splash zone to really feel the impact of the ride.


The Swarm picks up speeds of nearly 100 km/ph and follows a unique design which allows you to sit on either side of the track. If speed isn’t your thing, you’ll definitely want to sit this one out.


Anyone that’s been to, or even driven near THORPE PARK will recognise Stealth from a distance. One of the parks’ most iconic rides, Stealth will take you from 0-80 mph in under 2 seconds, so if you’re passing by and hear the sudden bursts of screaming, you’ll know why.

THORPE PARK Resort is now reopen for 2019 and students can grab tickets online for just £25 🎡

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