All The Mad S*** That Went Down In Game Of Thrones S08E02 ⚔

All The Mad S*** That Went Down In Game Of Thrones S08E02 ⚔

Grab a cuppa, settle down, it’s time to recap Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2.

I’ve got one question…


Another episode with nobody we care about dying? This can only mean one thing. Next week is gonna be a whole world of pain (please don’t take Tormund from me).

First things first, we have Jaime in Winterfell and everyone knows him as a slightly less than savoury character. Pushing a kid out a window is never gonna win you any friends, but all is (kinda) forgiven as Brienne comes in to save the day and vouch for his character.

Despite the lack of action on the old battlefront, there definitely was a lil action in some other… ways. Yes, we’re talking Arya and Gendry. In perhaps one of the most feminist sex scenes of the show ever, we see Arya doing what she does best - being in control and being badass. Also, “take off your own pants” is now my official go-to chat up line.

Enough of the sexy talk, the White Walkers are on their way to Winterfell. Why are they taking so long? What are they up to?

This is where the game plan comes into fruition. Get all the women and children into the crypts. They’ll be safe there - so they keep telling us. You’ll all be safe if you’re locked in an underground graveyard when the Night King who can raise the dead comes for us. It’ll be totally fine.

Other than potentially sending all the women and children to their deaths, this ep is pretty grand for women overall. Sansa and Daenerys seem to be getting along a little better, although the North is still a touchy subject and then the best thing ever happens…

Brienne gets knighted and gives us this face to hold in our hearts once she most probably is murdered in a horrific way in front of us. Hooray.

At the end of the ep we’ve got Bran all ready and raging (not really) to get baited up for the Night King and Jon has come out of hiding from his Aunt and is ready to tell her “Hey babe, I’m actually the rightful heir soz.”

"The last thing as she bled to death on her birthing bed was give the boy to her brother, Ned Stark, to raise as his bastard. My name, my real name, is Aegon Targaryen." Say whaaaaaa?

She ain’t happy. And that’s where we’re at.

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