Taking On The Alton Towers Dungeon 😱

Taking On The Alton Towers Dungeon 😱

Alton Towers Resort is officially reopen for 2019. We’re big fans of getting our adrenaline pumping, so we went to check out the brand new Alton Towers Dungeon and see what it was all about.

The dungeon is an interactive experience that takes you through the darkest history of Staffordshire, as you try to survive the plague and navigate the dark chambers. Going in, we weren’t too sure what to expect...but we prepared to be terrified.

Here were some of our highlights:


First, we met the Bishop of Stafford. Standing in his courtroom, we genuinely felt like we were being punished for a crime we hadn’t committed. However, it was also pretty funny and we definitely laughed out loud as we accepted that we were guilty.


Next, the black river boat which was an interactive ride that took us down the black river where we got to experience the sights and smells of the dungeon in all its glory. This bit was definitely where things started to get just a bit too realistic for our liking.


This room was a fully immersive experience, where we met the owners of the Highway Inn. The room was pitch black, and the combination of actors, audio, and a range of other terrifying special effects made it super chilling to experience.


We went into the dungeon expecting to be scared, and the last room did not disappoint. This was definitely the scariest part of the whole experience, as we met Molly-Leigh the Witch of Burslem. Without giving too much away…this part really was the peak of the whole experience.


Once it was over, we were genuinely surprised by how realistic the dungeon was! We had a great day out, and the balance of being funny and scary made it the highlight of our visit to Alton Towers Resort.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, make sure you check it out for yourselves. You can grab tickets to Alton Towers Resort and the dungeon online now at the student price of £30 😱

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