How To Pack For Your Summer Holiday🍹

How To Pack For Your Summer Holiday🍹

The holiday is booked, your summer is looking pretty sweet, except for one thing. Packing. This guide to packing for your vacation will help you get a grip on holiday prep.

Packing can be an absolute chore and even more so if you haven’t done a little prep beforehand. Seriously, you know you’ll end up with 6 pairs of shoes and 10 outfits that don’t match.


Make sure you have a couple of plain basic tops that can go with anything. Black or white is a good call here. If you have some basics in your luggage that can be dressed down or dressed up then you won’t run into any issues finding something that goes with those multi coloured floral shorts you packed for some reason.


Rolling your clothes instead of folding can save space and keep clothes less wrinkled - perfect if you cba to iron on holiday. When you arrive immediately unpack your bag to ensure your clothes are not too creased. If they are hang them in the bathroom when you go for a hot shower. The steam will help get rid of some of those nasty folds. 💁‍♀️


If there’s space then you should be using it. Put your socks inside your shoes, stuff your underwear into the gaps in your bag. If you use all the space you’re given you’ll either have a little more room for holiday purchases or more room for that hat you wanna bring but know it’s not an essential.


Wear your heaviest items of clothing and wear a lot of it. This’ll save space and help keep the weight of your luggage down if you are only taking a carry-on. This can also be a good way to stay warm on a flight.


Make sure you have one outfit in your bag that you can wear if you go out somewhere fancy/ out-out. You’re going on holiday, if there’s a time to pack that dress you’ve never had the guts to wear it’s NOW.


Wherever you’re staying make sure you check what they provide you with. Most hotels provide towels for you, airbnbs might ask you to bring your own shampoo - it all depends, so make sure you check before you go because you don’t want unnecessary towels taking up your entire bag space.

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