A Day In The Life Of... A Womenswear Designer at Gymshark 🦈

A Day In The Life Of... A Womenswear Designer at Gymshark 🦈

Rochelle Milles - Womenswear Designer at Gymshark

Rochelle Milles - Womenswear Designer at Gymshark

Name: Rochelle Mills
Company: Gymshark
Job Title: Womenswear Designer
Uni subject: Fashion Design BAHons

Wake up…

Every other day I wake up at 5:50am and head to the gym for a morning session, EFFORT but I have really got into hit classes and it seems to get me in the best mindset for the day!

The other days I wake up, whack on my ‘You can do it’ playlist or Frank Ocean playlist dependent on my mood and get ready for work which after my 5 alarms have gone off is usually a 15 minute process (When black is your favourite colour, it’s easily done!)


I was never a breakfast person until Gymshark but especially with morning exercise I’m all about the bran flakes and berries! Followed my the most important intake of the day… COFFEE!

What do you listen to on your commute?

On a chill day, Frank Ocean, Ari Lennox, Leon Bridges. If I need the hype, Little Mix, Giggs or Greatest Showman (WILD I KNOW.)

What does the average day look like for you?

Working with an amazing team to create even better products for Gymshark and our consumers!


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite part of the job would have to be researching. Getting out and about within activities and finding out what we need to solve for the consumer to have a better journey in conditioning through the product. Getting real insights through talking to everyday people to athletes. Also sometimes from joining in the activity to see from a personal perspective what they think and feel when training.

If money was no object what would you be?

I would 100% still be a designer. Probably just live somewhere hotter in a new cultural environment, so I would use the ‘no money issue’ on my private jet to fly to and from work back to my warm paradise. 🏝

What was your favourite thing about uni?

Meeting my friends. They are my hub within the industry. We are all going through similar things and at the same time able to teach each other new things that we are all learning in the industry. Having that go to support network has always been a God send.

In final year I really became my own. I would say if you can take an industry year out. In my first and second year at uni I graded a low 2:2… So took the year out to work on myself and refocus. I managed to work for Allsaints, Levi’s and Gymshark. Not only did it give me a bit of an industry reality check, it made me see what I really wanted to focus on as a designer in such a large industry. It also led me to have a better level of knowledge going back into final year (and a job offer.) With my new found focus I managed to totally turn my degree around finishing with an exceptional 1st which I simply would not have achieved without my year out! If you can TAKE AN INDUSTRY YEAR!


How’d your degree help you in your current role?

I learnt all of my main skills that I use on a day to day at uni. Software, pattern cutting, research and fabric understanding. Though I do think it is similar to driving, in that you really learn once you have passed. I 100% learnt all of the foundations for my current role at uni! 

Where did you work before this?

Before this I was a handmade tailor for Levi’s. So, I would work on long term projects such as hand tailored denim for clients. But also (the part I enjoyed the most) having the opportunity to restore some vintage Levi’s! Spending time on pieces so that their story could continue.

What do you do to wind down after a long day?

I tend to work out very late if I haven’t in the morning. Getting to the gym for 9/9:30pm so it is super peaceful and I get to not look like a fool on the machines in front of too big an audience! If not the gym I tend to go on walks/cook/watch documentaries (not really a TV person.) 

What’s your advice to anyone wanting to be a Designer?

Keep your flare and work on being in a team! I think it is so important to find your personal signature, and constantly keep that intact. Even if working with a brand that isn’t directly in line with that to keep that intact out of work. Being a great team member is also super important. Understand your strengths and things you think you need to work on and use them when in team situations, so you can help others and learn everyday!

Fancy working for Gymshark? Check our their current vacancies here!

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