The Must-Have Flight Essentials For Your Summer Holiday ✈️🌴

The Must-Have Flight Essentials For Your Summer Holiday ✈️🌴

Holiday season is finally here, and after a long year of attending endless 9am lectures and enduring hours and hours in the library (we’re sure you all agree 😉) it’s time to get away and enjoy endless sangrias, tanning, and amazing food.

If you’re going on holiday this month you’ve probably been planning your outfits and doing holiday shopping since the day you booked your flights, but what exactly do you bring on the plane with you other than the obvious?? (The obvious being passport and boarding pass, please do not forget these).

Well if you’re unsure, we’ve got you covered on all the cool things you need to have the comfiest flight possible. There’s no need to thank us 🙏


This one is a MUST-HAVE. Regardless of how long or short your flight is, we all know you didn’t really go on holiday if you haven’t documented the journey on your story. Some flights may have USB ports on them but its best to be safe and make sure you have full battery throughout the journey. Plus, you definitely don’t want to land in your destination with no battery left and unable to access your hotel booking conformation or let everyone at home know you arrived safely.


If you’re planning on napping through the flight, an eye mask is essential for a slightly more relaxing sleep. Planes can be pretty bright and the lights are only really turned off at night time, and if you’re having a midday nap the glaring of someone else’s reading light isn’t the most soothing environment to settle down to.


Yeah, flights can be pretttyyyyy uncomfortable. As students, going on holiday is all about making the most out of your money so we’re betting at least one of your flights is probably either really early in the morning or in the middle of the night. You could do the traditional have a cheeky drink or two in the airport no matter what time of day it is thing, or you could try and catch up on your sleep. Either way a travel pillow means whether you’re resting up in the airport or on the plane you’ll be comfy*


Okay, this one isn’t flight specific but when you’re waiting for your luggage to come out on the conveyer belt- arguably one of the most fun parts of the flying experience- it can be hard to spot your case amongst all the others. If you want your luggage to stand out treat yourself to a snazzy and sassy tag so you can grab your case quickly and head off to the adventure that lies ahead.

*comfier than you would be without the pillow at least

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