UCAS Advice: Everything You Need To Know About Clearing 👀

UCAS Advice: Everything You Need To Know About Clearing 👀

A-Level Results Day is nearly here. Get your UCAS ready and check out our handy guide to Clearing 2019.

First of all, don’t worry. Clearing sounds a lot more complex than it is and there are people who are more than willing to help you out!


Clearing opens fully on results day, 15/08/19 (Scottish students receive results a little earlier, so clearing for Scottish universities starts on 06/08/19.)

If you’ve already applied through UCAS and are in one of the following situations, you can apply to clearing:

  • You don’t have any offers

  • You’ve said no to all your offers

  • You’ve not responded by the due date

  • You’ve not met the requirements for the unis you selected

  • You have declined a changed course

  • You’ve been unsuccessful for one course and paid the full £24 fee

  • UCAS receive your application after 30/06/19


Don’t just wait until results day to do your research. There’s always the possibility that things won’t swing your way during university applications, so it’s best to be prepared for every scenario.

  • Save the Clearing hotline numbers on your phone.

  • Don’t book a hol. Yeah sure the idea of chilling on a beach and not worrying about your results is prettyyyy sweet, but if things don’t go to plan you might regret not being in a familiar place and you’ll need to be available to make calls.

  • Do all your course research. Make sure you have a few places in mind when it comes to clearing, it might not be your first choice but you want to make sure you get onto a course that you’ll actually enjoy.


Again, don’t panic! If you didn’t get the results you were looking for it’s not the end of the world (I know you’ll probably feel like it is though, but for real it’s not.)

  • Don’t delay it. What has happened has happened and being upset about it is not gonna change anything (lil tough love here.) The sooner you get calling up potential universities the better - a lot of people will be trying to get a place via clearing and there are limited places.

  • Make sure you have your UCAS number and results to hand when you’re calling.

  • Be patient. A lot of people will be calling. Stay on the line and don’t hang up.


Log onto your UCAS Track page. Here is where you’ll find your Clearing Number (universities will need this so that they can access your application) and the 'Add a Clearing Choice' button.

You’ll need to contact institutions to discuss their available courses and whether your application will be considered. You can contact as many universities as you like (and you should - don’t put all your eggs in one basket.) Don't feel that you have to accept the first offer that you receive, shop around and find the best course for you.

The universities you choose will give you a course and institution code. When you have decided which offer you want to take up, you must need to enter the details on Track.

For more information on Clearing, check out the UCAS website for a more in-depth look into how Clearing works.

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