5 Fajita Recipes With A Twist That Will Keep You Satisfied All Summer

5 Fajita Recipes With A Twist That Will Keep You Satisfied All Summer

Today is National Fajita Day… Yep, there’s a whole day dedicated to what is objectively the world’s best food.

If you want to celebrate this sacred day by whipping up some super tasty fajitas, then we’ve got the best recipes for you that are a complete switch up from your standard fare.


Okay, so if fajitas are the world’s best food, lasagna is a close second. What’s not to love? This dish starts with the basics; well seasoned veggies and chicken which is covered in layer upon layer of passata, a creamy cheddar sauce, lasagne sheets and mozzarella. If this wasn’t enough, the recipe also shows you how to whip up some tasty guacamole to eat with tortilla chips as a side dish.

Who knew Mexican and Italian food went together so well?


If cooking isn’t your forte there’s no need to worry, as this one’s pretty much impossible to screw up.

Simply chuck your veggies and chicken in your pot and season with plentyy of chilli and garlic (there’s no such thing as too much garlic). Then once it’s boiling properly, add milk, pasta, and as much cheese as you could possibly need. Give it a good stir and there you have it - a meal that serves up to five (or just you).


This vegetarian option is perfect for all halloumi lovers. Simply line a pan with aubergine, pepper and sweet potato, season it, and shove it in the oven. While your veggies are roasting whip up some creamy guac and grill your halloumi.

How you choose to put together your fajitas is up to you. Will you put the halloumi in first? Or the veggies? The choice is completely yours.


All you have to do is cook and season the veggies and chicken before adding plenty of cheese, wrapping it all up in tortillas, and sticking it in the oven. The sour cream and salsa dip to serve them with looks super tasty and it’s just like eating giant nachos, just probably a bit more messy (and tasty).


This one’s a sharing recipe, so if you’re looking to impress your mates with your culinary skills; this is the one for you. Once you’ve cut a hole in your tortillas and cooked and seasoned the chicken, peppers, and onion, you layer up the bread with cheese and the filling. Once it’s been cooked in the oven, drizzle with sour cream and serve with guac. Perfect.

These recipes have made us super hungry, so we hope you’re rushing off to make them right now and are celebrating National Fajita Day in style.

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