Best Side Hustles For Making Money During University

Best Side Hustles For Making Money During University

Need some extra cash quick? Look no further cause we’ve got you covered.

We know how hard it can be to budget and juggle paying for your rent, bills, food, and your social life.

If you don’t have (or want) a part-time job there’s plenty of other easy ways you can make yourself some cash in your spare time while studying; many of which can be done straight from your bed. Result.


If you’re a bit of a hoarder and haven’t had a clear out in years, Depop is an app that can help you earn £100s if you’re an active user.

Depop is laid out in a similar way to Instagram; allowing you to have a feed of items you want to sell. If you manage to sell, the buyer will PayPal you the money and all you have to do is post them the items. Depop asks you to rate other sellers once based on your experience with them so it’s really easy to spot frauds, making it a really safe way to buy and sell.


Very often PHD, Masters, or final year students will be undertaking research for their dissertations and will need some help from participants. Keep an eye on your uni Facebook group page and your emails, as students will often reach out asking for people to attend focus groups or complete a task for them.

Often they’ll be willing to compensate you for your time as focus groups can be time-consuming, so definitely consider taking part. Plus, when you’re in your final year you’ll probably be in the same position so it’s good to help out your fellow students.


Let’s face it takeaways and students go hand-in-hand. We’ve all used Deliveroo before, but the app changed the game in terms of food deliveries and is a really great way to earn some money on your own terms.

Signing up to Deliveroo means you work when you want to; you can see the available orders that need delivering and you choose if you want to take them. So, if you don’t feel like working one Saturday because you’re hungover, you don’t have to worry about it. All you need is a bike which is also a great and free way to stay fit, whilst earning cash at the same time.


Every course will have core modules that are taught every year and require massively heavy and expensive textbooks. Chances are once you’re done with them you’ll want to get rid of them ASAP so if you’re not a first year student, selling your second-hand textbooks is a great way to earn money. (This is also a great way to save money, by buying your textbooks second-hand from older students who don’t need them anymore).


Whether it’s an old iPhone 4, a camera, or laptop; if it’s in good (or mainly good) condition you can sell it. Cex also lets you sell old video games, DVDs, and CDs, so definitely have a clearout of things you haven’t touched in years. It’s worth mentioning you won’t get anywhere near what you paid for them originally, but if you’re selling a lot of things it can add up and is a great additional income while you’re studying.


If you’re particularly gifted at a certain subject you can become a tutor for younger students who may be struggling. Your uni may offer schemes like this, or there are plenty of websites you can sign up for to help become a tutor. This is a really easy and rewarding way to earn money, and if you’re tutoring in a subject you’re naturally skilled at it should come easily to you.


Yup, Dog sitting is a thing (and way better than babysitting). Have a Google for people in your local area looking for people to walk their dogs and you’re good to go. What better than spending an afternoon with a dog AND getting paid for it?


Students often make great participants for drug trials but, BE WARNED you may not be asked to be doing the easiest of things (although there was one where people got paid to sleep which we can definitely get behind).

Researchers may be looking for participants that fit a certain demographic based on age, sex, and lifestyle habits and you could be the perfect fit. Clinical trials can pay a lot of money but it’s best to be wary if you’re approached to do one and make sure that it’s safe and you’re totally comfortable with taking part.

Before you know it you’ll be rolling in cash and your mates will be begging for tips of how to do the same.

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