Here Are All The Things You Can Get With Our Amazing Currys PC World Discount

Here Are All The Things You Can Get With Our Amazing Currys PC World Discount

The start of a new academic year means kitting yourself out with the latest tech that will make your life just that bit easier.

From note taking to Netflixing (a totally valid way to spend uni time), if you’re looking for the latest tech we’ve got you covered with our shiny new Currys PC World student discount. Here’s all the cool things you can get with it.


A watch that does more than just tell the time? Don’t you just love the 21st century.

I didn’t get the hype at first, but as the owner of not one, but two Fitbits, I can confirm it will change your life. From tracking your sleep, how many steps you’ve taken and how much water you’ve had, to setting alarms to get you up in the morning, a smart watch is the best friend you never knew you needed.


Let’s face it, library printing credits are a pain. I’ll have you know it cost me nearly £9 to print my dissertation. On top of that who wants to walk to the library (even if you do have a shiny new smart watch) just to print out your coursework? We’re betting you deffo don’t, so a printer for your bedroom will be a lifesaver. Just don’t tell anyone else about it, or they’ll be begging you to borrow it too.


Living with housemates can be loud. Drowning out the sounds of other people snoring/shouting/whatever they’re doing is pretty much essential to help you keep your sanity. A new pair of JBL headphones is perfect for blocking out the noise as well as being able to experience your own music in high-quality - and the wireless pairs mean no accidentally catching them on your door handle. Jackpot.


There are so many different laptops out there that are sure to suit your needs while studying. Chromebooks are light with a long battery life, making them the perfect note-taking companion in lectures without weighing down your bag. Plus, if you like a bit of variety there’s plenty of different models to choose from in different colours and sizes.


Watching stuff on your laptop constantly is all kinds of rubbish; you deserve the full screen experience. Plus, there’s nothing that unites a house quite like gathering around the TV hungover on a Thursday to watch This Morning. In fact, daytime TV will probably become your new fave while at uni and you’ll soon find that if you miss The Chase your day doesn’t quite feel the same. As well as that, when Love Island is on you just need to put it on in the background of pre-drinks, it seriously improves the atmosphere. Trust me.


If you want to use your computer for gaming or streaming TV a desktop is essential. Another bonus is if you’re the kind of person who struggles to concentrate when working you won’t be tempted to write your essay from bed as you’ll have to sit up and work serious.


If you don’t fancy a Chromebook, a Microsoft Surface is a great alternative. Although it depends on which style you pick, most come with a stylus and detachable keyboards so you can turn your laptop into a tablet real quick, which is great for watching Netflix on-the-go.

Plus if you like to move around while you work it’s the perfect companion for the library, your fave coffee shop, the train or your bedroom.


If you wanna upgrade your selfie game before the new academic year, you can grab a SIM Free phone and save some cash on it. There are plenty of phones with super cool features like the Google Pixel 3a or the Samsung Galaxy A10 that will make sure you never miss out on a group chat message or funny meme.

Our Currys PC World student discount is now live so you can grab whatever cool tech you need for the new academic year.

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