Here's What Kind Of Fresher You Will Be Based On Your Star Sign

Here's What Kind Of Fresher You Will Be Based On Your Star Sign

If you’re already finding yourself procrastinating at uni, here’s what kind of fresher you will be based on your horoscope (because you totally needed to know this).


‘The Peacemaker’

Sometimes living with flatmates can come with its fair share of arguments. Libras hate conflict and always want to keep the peace, so if you’re a Libra that means if there is any tension in your flat you’ll be sure to try and squash it.


‘The one that goes to all their lectures’

Scorpios are passionate, opinionated, and hard-working. If you’re a Scorpio, while you’ll enjoy partying and having a good time as much as anyone else during freshers; you’ll probably try and attend every lecture. Scorpios aren’t afraid to say it how it is so you probably don’t mind getting into a debate during your seminars because you know you know what you’re talking about.


‘The Free Therapist’

Sagittarius’s love giving advice to other people as they’re super friendly and warm-hearted. If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on during freshers it will be you as you love offering your expertise while being super sincere. Everyone knows that they can rely on you to give them honest and practical advice.


‘The Mum Friend’

Every friendship group needs a mum friend, and if you’re a Capricorn it will probably be you. Capricorns are practical and trustworthy so you know if you’re going out with a Capricorn friend you’ll be in good hands. If you’re a Capricorn you’ll probably find that you’re the one booking the taxi and putting your friends into bed at the end of the night.


‘The Deep One’

Aquariuses are considered to be the philosophers of the zodiac which means you’re great at having intellectual discussions with other people and love learning new things. If you’re an Aquarius you’re likely to be the one who after a few drinks sits everyone down to discuss the meaning of life, or whatever’s on your mind. Some people may say it’s a bit too deep for pre-drinks, but after all, what’s the point of pre-drinks if you’re not going to discuss your secrets with people you’ve just met?


‘The Cryer’

Everyone gets a bit emotional after a few drinks, but Pisces’ are one of the most sensitive (and kind-hearted) signs. If you’re a Pisces you’ll probably find that you’re likely to get a bit choked up easily over things, whether it’s looking at a picture of your mate’s dog or because the takeaway shop have run out of cheesy chips. Either way, everyone needs a Pisces friend as you’re one of the most compassionate signs.


‘The Competitive One’

Aries’ love a challenge, and have a naturally competitive nature. This means that when it comes to freshers you’ll be keen to rise to any challenge given to you, whether it’s downing a pint, doing shots all evening, or eating an XL pizza in one sitting. Challenge accepted.


‘The Spender’

Tauruses love material things, which means with a nice big student loan in your hands you may find yourself buying things you don’t reallyyyy need. Yeah, we believe you; you needed that Nutribullet for your kitchen. Plus, you’ll happily be the one to order all your friends’ drinks without thinking about the money. Despite this, if you’re a Taurus you’re probably super reliable, so if you’ll have no problems with making friends during freshers and winning them over with your loyalty.


‘The Chatty One’

Meeting new people and living in a new place can be daunting right? Not if you’re a Gemini. Geminis are social butterflies who have no problem with introducing themselves to others and will make sure there are no awkward silences, but will happily say it how it is if they have a problem. They’re full of energy so will never turn down a night out making them one of the most fun signs to be around.


‘The stay at home friend’

Cancer’s love socialising with their friends but tend to favour staying at home rather than partying. If you’re a Cancer you’ll probably prefer to spend your Friday nights with your mates in your dressing gown binge-watching Netflix with a takeaway and a bottle of wine instead of dancing all night in a crowded club.


‘The Leader’

Every friendship group needs someone to take charge, and Leos are natural leaders. If you’re a Leo you’re probably quite a big personality so you know how to have a good time. Leos are ambitious, funny, and determined so you’ll probably thrive both on nights out and when it comes to contributing in lectures.


‘The Planner’

Virgo’s are super organized and like to approach things with reason. You probably have a highlighter in every shade and are always the one to lend other people a pen during lectures. Your organisational skills will also mean that you’ll normally be the one to make sure the kitchen is in order and that if you’re going out somewhere you haven’t been before to research the route properly first.

And there you have it, this is 100% backed up by the stars so if you don’t believe it we don’t know what to tell you…maybe you can learn something from the kind of fresher your sign is telling you you’re supposed to be.

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